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Thork II Ork Bomber

There is a new terror in the sky. Armed to the teeth and ready to blow up your city with a smile and some meat on the barbecue. It is the Thork II Ork Bomber. Please enjoy the video on youtube in the pictures in the album.


816 Imperial Fortress

Since the beginning of time, man made fortresses and strongholds to defend themselves from there enemies. Even in the 41st millennium a fortress is key to keep control on various planets. The 816 Imperial Fortress is a big piece of terrain with 3 towers, 1 bunker, 2 gates and a lit landing pad. The landing pad has 20 LED's. In the bunker there is a small screen with changing images. With your computer you can change the pictures on the screen. You can find the pictures of the bunker here and the video on Youtube here.



Industrial Sector

"The industrial terrain set is online. This set contains 8 buildings and a lot of smaller terrain pieces. Including factories, offices, storage facilities en a docking tower. Make you sure you check out the pictures and the video from this terrain set and the new background on youtube.


A brand new background

I am waiting for my new background to arrive. In my first video you saw the gray clouds in the background. The new one will be of much higher quality and will be in better contrast with the terrain sets. Can't wait to shoot a new video with the new background and the latest terrain set.


472 Helena Aircraft Carrier

Is it a bird? Is it a cloud with guns? No, its the 472 Helena Aircraft Carrier. This massive airship is 108 cm long and 55cm in height. It can be used as a piece of terrain, a display board or as a unit. She has 10 turrets to deal with her enemies. The Aircraft Carrier contains 12 LEDs. You can change the LEDs in 7 different colors.Take a look at the pictures in the portfolio and the video on Youtube.


Mos Santa Space Port

The Tatooine inspired terrain set is online. The Mos Santa Space Port is a place where smugglers and merchants come together to sell their goods. This set contains 6 buildings, 3 market tent, 3 piles of junk, a space dock and a spaceship. Great for your large armies or a small skirmish game. Make sure to check out the pictures in the portfolio and the video on Youtube.


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